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Plasma Technology for Water Treatment

:: The technology of water treatment by using electric arc, in addition to removing industrial waste waters and changing them into drinking water, is able to recycle all valuable substances and elements in the water including heavy metals, iodine, Brome and other substances. This technology omits all waste materials in the water by relying on plasma weld.

:: By using plasma technology for water treatment and purification system, a suitable solution is opened before industries to overcome exiting challenges and limitations in the process of water and sewer, waste water treatment and purification. Experts believe that due to the specifications of no water production and significantly low energy consumption, this technology has no competitor in water purification and treatment industry market and it is less likely to be replaced with any emerging technologies, at least in near future.

:: Of the applications and usage of this system one may note the followings:

  1. Purification and treatment of urban, industrial and water waters
  2. Recycling liquid wastes including neutralization of toxic and radioactive substances
  3. Production of both drinking and industrial water
  4. Sweetening sea water and disinfecting it until reaching the quality of drinking water
  5. Gas processing (hydrogen)
  6. Electric energy processing to feed special electric sections of the apparatus
  7. Water purification and treatment in emergency conditions

Design, programming & support: Meghdad Shakiba