Water treatment

:: The membrane methods are used in many drinking water, foodstuff, and pharmaceutical waste water treatment…..industries. The design and function of this method is much easier compared to many old methods of separation.

:: The experienced engineers of Pala Gostar Company receive the initial information from the customers and present their technical suggestions to meet the customers’ demands and try to provide the customers with a high quality product and competitive prices.

:: In addition, Pala Gostar Company commits itself to provide following services to its customers after installation and commissioning of the system and being ensured of the accuracy and proper function of the systems:

  1. One year system guaranty
  2. Ten years after-sale services
  3. Study the results of test analysis of purified water

:: In order to receive free consultation on ordering products, do not hesitate to contact us or complete the water sample specifications form and send to our email at info@palagostar.com.

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