Sewage treatment package

:: Sewage treatment package is a package which is used by most précised tools and instruments and is transferred to the project site to be fixed and installed. The processed used for treatment is active sludge with vast airing which is one of the aerobic and biologic methods. This system is able to purify and treat 25 cubic meters sanitary sewages per day and reach the quality of the wastes to environmental standards to be used in agriculture and irrigation of green sties. These systems could be designed for purifying sewers of houses, residential complexes, restaurants, hotels, recreation and entertainment parks and centers and hospitals with 1-150 people with 1-24 cubic meters per day capacity. The internal facilities of this process are very strong and the material is polymer with no corrosion risk.

Advantages of the system:

  1. Disintegration of organic substances by using active sludge with no additional substance needed.
  2. The plastic container of the system prevents corrosion and spread of undesirable odors.
  3. Easy fix on floor inside container or under ground
  4. Automatic function with no need to operator
  5. Low energy consumption
  6. Soundless operations
  7. Low operational and maintenance costs
  8. minimum 30 years of life
  9. Consumption of purified water for agriculture and farms irrigation

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