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Reverse osmosis filtration system

:: RO is one of the methods that is widely used in sweetening sea water, and separation of organic and toxic substances from industrial waste waters.

:: In general, this method is based on transferring the soluble mass by using semi- permeation membrane and hydrostatic pressure. In RO method, the crude water is pushed into a chamber with semi-permeable membrane by using a pump. It should be noted that the RO process could reduce the TDS of crude water up to 99%. In practice, the TDS reduction to 95% is quite natural. In addition, the bacteria, viruses and other microbes are omitted 100% by using RO, This process is very suitable for producing drinking water from waters containing high minerals and organic impurities. Reverse osmosis in pharmaceutical and medicine could replace distillation method for producing pure and distilled water free from micro-organisms. Today, RO is the most economical process for providing drinking water from saline methods of dry regions.

:: The RO Systems could be designed as one or two stage methods, selecting each one depends on the desirable quality of the purified water. In single stage systems, the purified water that leaves a series of modules leaves the system as the final product and the remaining saline water is thrown away. However, in the two-stage system, with respect to the arrival water feed and quality of the product (purified) water, the purified water enters from the next complex from a series of modules. The two-stage systems are used in purification of semi-saline waters (TDS= 1000- 5000 ppm) and increasing the recycling percent.

:: The amount of recycling will be determined with respect to the type of membrane, quality and quantity of purified water and amount of operational costs. Excessive increase of recycling percent increases the salts and therefore, osmosis pressure in the water in membranes back, This cause increase in operational energy, reduction in discharge rate and increase in passage of salts from membranes.

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Main parts of reverse osmosis system:

  1. Pretreatment unit
  2. Chemical substances injection unit
  3. Reverse osmosis unit
  4. Control unit
  5. Routine washing system

Reverse Osmosis System with 200 cubic meter capacity per day

Design, programming & support: Meghdad Shakiba