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Water treatmentThe membrane methods are used in many drinking water, foodstuff, and pharmaceutical waste water treatment… The design and function of this method is much easier compared to many old methods of separation. More Reverse osmosis purification systemPala Gostar provides reverse osmosis (RO) systems for removing salinity, alkaline particles and other impurities of water and improving its taste and odor. The raw materials and facilities that are used in these systems are of high quality and meet international standards. This system is used for sweetening saline waters with maximum 50000 mg/l salt concentration. The RO system removes up to 99% of salts in water. More Nano-filtration systemThe nano-filtration systems are useful for sweetening saline waters with maximum 2000-3000 mg/l salt concentration. These filters remove the single capacity salt ions (such as sodium chloride and calcium chloride) with 20% to 80% efficiency and are more suitable for drinking water supply. Pala Gostar Company has a long standing experience in designing and presenting these systems and if they fit the customers’ needs, it would recommend them. More Ultra-filtration systemThe ultra-filtration system has the ability to removes particles smaller than 0.1 micron. This system is used for cases such as pre-treatment for RO and nano-filtration systems, water disinfection, removing turbidity, removing water color and etc. More Chemical injection systemThe chemical substances injections systems are used for different cases such as regulating PH, removing chlorine before membranes, injecting anti-scalants. These systems are designed and made in different capacities. More Sand filter and pressure carbon filterSand filters and carbon filters are used for initial purification of water. The sand filters are used for separating solid suspended particles and turbidity in the water. The carbon filters; on the other hand, are used for removing odor, flavor and free chlorine in water. More Waste water treatmentCollecting and removing household and industrial sewage and waste waters have been one of the main concerns of modern societies and using suitable purification and treatment methods for re-using or discharging in the environment are the best solutions for this problem. More Sewage purification packageIn line with the modern technologies of the world, Pala Gostar Company provides sewage purification package for small communities with active sludge technology. Using biologic purification systems is an easy approach of removing sewage in urban life. Those systems are safe and environment friendly. The experience of good performance of those systems in world and their suitable price has increased the demand and supply market and good quality of those products. More Industrial waste water treatment systemBy using modern technologies in the world and by considering the type of pollutants in the waste water of industrial units, Pala Gostar Company chooses the desirable purification method and recommends it to the industrial unit. More Sewage purification system and biogas productionBiogas technology, known as a ring of sewage purification chain by some experts and as a method to achieve biogas as a reversible energy source by others is a suitable approach in managing and recycling sewages and organic wastes produced in urban and rural societies and producing energy. More Carwash waste water treatment systemCarwash waste waters contain detergents, grease, exhaust ashes, complicated organic compounds and other harmful substances that endanger the health of living organisms. Major part of those polluted waste waters is directed to absorbed well and enter into underground water beds. Therefore, removing environmental pollution of carwashes is necessary. Pala Gostar Company produces carwash waste water purification packages by using the tested and safe methods. By using this package, in addition to ... More Innovative technologies Due to significant decrease in drinking water resources, the necessity of using new methods of water purification has become more important. Therefore, Pala Gostar Company, in line with increasing progress of science and technology and in an approach of utilizing surface and sub-surface water resources available to people, presents modern water purifications systems. These systems are recommended for purification of waters with per case pollutions (heavy metals, fluoride nitrate, and turbidity….pollutants). Reduction of water purification costs and waste water remained from purification process are among the advantages of these methods. More

Heavy metals removal systemOne of the present challenges in water purification and treatment industry is to remove per case pollutions of water with heavy metals (arsenic, lead, chrome), nitrate, fluoride, ammonia…Since membrane methods are relatively expensive and costly, using alternative methods with similar or even better results, lower costs and more simple utilization have been considered. In this connection, Pala Gostar Company provides pollution removal systems to the customers per case as per their needs. More Water treatment with "plasma technology"The system of water purification by using plasma technology is a new technology that could be used for purification and treatment of any water or sewage with any pollutants. The major characteristics of this system are very low energy consumption and waste water free operations. Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Company is the sole holder of this technology in Iran. More Portable package for emergency conditionsProviding drinking water in emergency conditions such as flood, earthquake, drought and war is one of the major concerns of authorities and people. Using an efficient method for producing drinking water in shortest time is one of the characteristics of the package designed by Pala Gostar Company. Purification of polluted waters with any amount of turbidity is another advantage of this package. More

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