Portable package for emergency conditions

:: Due to the strategic conditions of our country and being exposed to different crisis and natural disasters, it is very important to be prepared for crisis and rendering a suitable management in time of crisis. Providing drinking water for people in emergency conditions such as war, is one of the biggest concerns of governments.

:: One of the major sources of providing this water is river, lake or saline with high pollution and turbidity and microbial contamination. The existence of such impurities in water could shortly disorder the purification process and desalination and for re-use, the membranes and other filters should be replaced.

:: The package designed by Pala Gostar Sanat Ab, in addition to having usual capabilities of water purification unit possesses specific possibilities to function in hard and unfavorable conditions. In this package, the turbidity removal system uses a special technology and reduces the turbidity of water to the standards of drinking water.

Cases to use portable water purification package in crisis:

  • In natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, drought and critical conditions such as war
  • To provide drinking water in regions that experience excessive water turbidity in some seasons
  • Military and other camps
  • Military maneuvers in far off and deserted regions

Advantages of crisis package

  • Removal of any amount of turbidity in less than 30 minutes
  • Provision of drinking water from any contaminated water with any type of microbial, saline…pollutants
  • Implementation of package in less than 1 hour
  • Implementation by power generator in case of no access to power distribution network
  • Possibility to carry in roads

Comparing the polluted water with high turbidity and water purified by crisis package

:: Crisis package is designed in container and truck carrying types that could be used in different conditions.

  • Container systems: In this model of crisis package, a full water purification and packaging apparatus is placed in a container and for crisis situations and long stops, the system is designed in one place. These systems are able to purify different types of surface and underground waters. In time of crisis, the container is transferred to concerned place and will remain there as long as it is needed and when there is no need, it is transferred to another place by trailer truck. Water purification container system (crisis package), made by Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Co.
  • Truck systems: Trucks that carry water purification facilities are designed for easy carry in crisis (flood, earthquake, war….). These systems are towed by truck and are easily carried to different places. The package is equipped with packing system and present purified water in 1-liter packs.

Design, programming & support: Meghdad Shakiba