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Lead removal plant - Golestan Province

Lead removal plant

Lead (Pb) in drinking water

:: Lead is found in environment in natural form; however, human activities have disturbed natural cycle of lead. The lead contained in petrol and burning it produces lead salts in environment. The lead discharged from car exhausts arrived into peripheral environment. The larger particles of lead penetrate into water or soil and the smaller particles move into atmosphere; a part of those particles enter land through rain. This cycle of lead production is much stronger and powerful than natural cycle of lead and therefore, lead pollution in environment increases.

:: Lead accumulates inside the body of living organisms in water and soil and causes their intoxication. Removing lead from drinking water and sewer or waste water is highly important due to high toxicity of this substance.

Impacts of lead in health

:: Lead is one of the four dangerous metals for human body. It enters into body by eating (65%), drinking (20%) and air (15%).

:: Lead could enter into drinking water through pipes corrosion and this becomes more acute when the water is acidic. Therefore, it is of high importance to regulate the water PH in drinking water purification system. Based on studies, lead not only has no benefits for human body, but also it is very harmful for health.

:: Lead might cause various undesirable symptoms and problems to health:

  1. Disorder in the biosynthesis of hemoglobin and anemia
  2. Increase in hypertension
  3. Damages to kidneys
  4. Abortion
  5. Disorder in nervous system
  6. Brain damages
  7. Decrease in male fertility
  8. Decrease in learning abilities of children
  9. Behavior disorders in children such as aggression and hyperactivity

Removing lead from drinking water

:: Due to harmful impacts of lead on human body, using a safe and effective method for removing lead from drinking water has become more important than ever. Therefore, the R&D Department of Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Company has studied different methods of lead removal across the world and by selecting the most suitable methods with high output, has transferred the technology of removing lead per case into the country. Therefore, the first system of lead removal from drinking water in Iran is already implemented in Golestan Province for Rural Water and Sewage Co. of Golestan. The system has already covered 2000 population in minimum. The advantages of this system include:

  1. This system has the ability of selective removal of lead pollutant from water.
  2. There is no water waste in this apparatus and the recovery is about 99%.
  3. This system has low energy consumption.
  4. The costs of this method are much less than membrane methods.
  5. It is easy to mount and commissioned with no need to specialists for maintaining the apparatus.

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