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Industrial waste water treatment system

:: Directing waste water into rivers and seas and polluting them has made the environment of those water unbearable for aqua-culture, as they are one of the sources of human foods and has put the survival of water organisms in grave risk. Detergents, oil substances, toxic and industrial sewage in sewers prevent oxygen absorption and leave intensively negative impacts on the self-refining process of rivers. Polluted water which is used in agriculture irrigation and subsequently by man has become one of the major sources of growth and spread of different diseases and directly aims at the health of human societies and as the threats to physical and financial harms. Human mind has been focused on these issues, constant efforts have been carried out in this respect and fortunately, significant results have been achieved. The advancement of science and technology has enabled man to take long steps in the area of sewage refining and environment cleaning.

:: The discharging wastes of factories and production complexes, as per the activities areas of those units, are polluted with different pollutants, including mineral salts, grease and oil, acids and alkaline, warm water, radiation substances, organic substances, suspended particles and toxic chemicals.

:: Among methods that could be used in industrial wastes one may note the accumulation and coagulation, ozone application, de-greasing, airing, UASB, MBR and AOP.

:: In this line, Pala Gostar Company; too, by using updated technologies of the world and with respect to the type of existing pollutants in industrial units' waste waters, selects desirable purification and treatment methods and recommends them to the industrial unit accordingly.

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