• Iron, Manganese & Ammonia Removal PlantGilan Province (Iran) - 950 m3/day
  • Nano-Filtration Purification SystemWest Azerbaijan Province (Iran) - 1700 m3/day
  • Chromium & Lead Removal PlantKhorasan (Iran) - 960 m3/day
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
  • Lead Removal plantGolestan (Iran) - 950 m3/day
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About us

:: Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Company, with the aim of specialized and professional activities in the area of design and manufacturing of new water and waste water purification system as well as achieving technical knowledge of designing the removal pollutants from environment in water and wastewater treatment field, tries to offer the best approaches to officials in order to supply people especially deprived people of the country with inexpensive technologic methods of water purification.

Water Treatment

:: Today, membrane separation methods are used in many water desalination production industries, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries and sewage and waste water treatments. The design and performance of this method is easier than many old separation methods.

Wastewater treatment

:: Collection and discharge of industrial and household sewage and waste water is one of the major concerns of present societies; therefore, using suitable purification methods for re-using or discharging in environment is the best approach for solving this problem.

Innovative Technologies

:: Since underground and surface waters are important sources for producing drinking waters in cities and villages, especially in developing countries, using new methods of treatment and purification of these waters is of particular importance.


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