Carwash Waste Water Treatment System of Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Co.

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Carwash Waste Water Treatment System with 10 Cubic Meter Capacity per day

:: The pollution caused by carwash activities, with high concentration and variation of pollutants has complex impacts on waste water recipient resources. It is not an exaggeration to say that the pollution caused by one carwash unit is much bigger than a two thousand resident complex; however, with much regret, not enough attention is ever paid to this pollutant source.

:: The important point is lack of public knowledge and information, especially carwash authorities on the destructive impacts of pollutant waste waters of those units in environment. May carwashes and often people, unknowingly discharge the polluted waste water into public wells and streams. On the other hand, in most advanced countries around the world, all carwash units are equipped with waste water treatment and recycling system.

:: Nonetheless, apart from lack of sufficient knowledge and information of both public and officials on the destructive impacts of polluted waste waters of car wash, the experience of contamination of drinking water with nitrate is being repeated, this time with the contamination with toxic compounds such as MTBE, oils, benzenes and even heavy metals.

:: Presently, more than 300 carwashes are working in Terhan and by producing average 5000 liters waste water products by each, in sum, more than 1500000 liter of polluted waste waters are entering into the recipient sources of Tehran metropolitan city; and, the waste waters of many carwashes enter into urban sewer system with no treatment and flow in the water canals and springs. These wastewaters, after hospital waste waters have highest share of pollution in urban sewer system.

:: The waste water of carwashes contain detergents, oils, exhaust ash, complex organic compounds, Ammonium Bi- fluoride (ABF) and solvents that are harmful for living organism. Major part of these polluted wastes waters are directed into absorption wells and enter into underground water and 30 and sometimes up to 50 percent of water distributed in Tehran is supplied from those sources. Therefore, removing environmental pollutions of carwashes is Terhan is a necessary issue with specific importance.

:: Therefore, Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Company, by benefitting from services of efficient specialists in water and sewage treatment, and using the advanced technologies of the world, has presented a product that is able to purify and treat the waste waters of car washes in a highly effective way with very low initial costs, and returns the water into the car washing cycle. This treatment, both increases water saving and prevents environment and surface/ underground waters contamination and pollution.

Advantages of waste water treatment and purification system of Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Company

  1. Low energy consumption
  2. Small size of the apparatus and capability to be fixed in small spaces
  3. Full treatment of the waste water and re-usage in washing process
  4. Minimum operation, repairs and maintenance costs
  5. No need to operator

Specifications of treatment package of Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Co.

  1. Capacity: 5 - 100 Cubic meter per day
  2. Necessary space for apparatus mounting: 1.5 m2 to 6 m2

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