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:: With an average annual rainfall of 250mm, compared to average global rainfall amount of 800 mm, Iran is a semi-dry country. The shortage per capita of reversible drinking water and its undesirable quality in many regions of our country that have unconventional water resources, and the existence of natural or artificial pollutants in some regions have caused the fall of quality of water and its pollution.

:: Pala Gostar Sanat Ab Company, with the aim of specialized and professional activities in the area of design and manufacturing of new water and sewage purification system as well as achieving technical knowledge of designing the omission pollutants from environment in water and sewage area, tries to offer the best approaches with most inexpensive prices to officials in order to supply people especially deprived people of the country with inexpensive technologic methods of water purification.

Fields of activities of Pala Gostar company

:: By benefitting from experienced specialists, Pala Gostar Sanat Ab provides following services in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sale services of following systems:

  • Water purification systems, including reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF), and ultra-filtration (UF)
  • Water purification facilities such as sand filter tanks, cartridge filters, chemical injections, water disinfection systems, RO, NF and UF systems…
  • Per case pollution omission systems including heavy metals, iron, manganese, ammonia…
  • Portable package of water purification (designed for water supply in crisis conditions such as drought, flood, earthquake…)
  • Sewer purification packages in different capacities for purifying household sewers, sewages of small and large complexes, hospitals, entertainment and recreation centers, accommodation centers…..
  • Industrial waste water purification and treatment system such as textile industries, dairy products industries, carwash…..
  • Sewage purification systems and biogas production
  • Consultation services for selecting the most suitable system for water or sewage purification and treatment
  • Operation services, repairs and maintenance of water and waste water purification systems
  • Auxiliary facilities and chemical substances

Pala Gostar Co. Workshop

:: The workshop of Pala Gostar company is located in Alborz Province, Kamalshahr City. In this workshop, by benefiting from full technical facilities, different parts of water and sewage purification and treatment systems are built, assembled and presented to employers.

Colleague companies of Pala Gostar

:: For the purpose of using modern technologies for improving water purification system and promoting the quality of its products, Pala Gostar Company collaborates with different companies in this field.

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